There are those who make a point to never eat carbs, and then there are those who find themselves ONLY eating carbs. Almond is for those of us who want to carb-up for no reason. The experience starts when your waitress delivers complimentary mini biscuits and jam for the table. This might be the sole reason that they won me over as a customer. The sweet and savory options are mouthwatering and extremely cheesy. Lemon Ricotta pancakes are often seen on complex and risky menus, and┬áLocanda Verde’s┬áseem to be the most raved about in the city which I still need to taste. Therefore, I was finally tempted enough to order them at Almond. These pancakes were unbelievably dense and tasted more like a piece of cake than a typical pancake. They weren’t too thin or overly thick and the lemon kick was just right and exciting.

The mac ‘n cheese was delivered to almost every table and the main entree is served with prosciutto and chopped truffles. You can also get a smaller side for the table but it doesn’t include those extra star ingredients. The Croques Gratin “sandwiches” also come in a skillet and are topped with oozy Gruyere cheese which is pretty thick and heavy in flavor. This is comfort food at its peak, but I think a more simple grilled cheese might have hit the spot a bit more. Lots of little kids are running around, and it’s really cute to see families brunching in the city versus the usual hungover or boozy infused young adults. The space is relatively large for a New York City restaurant and offers homey, wooden furniture and a country style couch at first entry. The booths sink down low and the bar is pretty crowded. Almond is a neighborhood spot that you can count on.

***Tip: Don’t worry you wont have to miss Almond while summering in the Hamptons this summer. They have a location out there too!