I believe that you should only order the burger at a restaurant when it’s the drawing factor to the place aka Minetta Tavern/Corner Bistro or it looks juicy as hell and is on everyone’s plate in the room. Otherwise a burger can just be a pile of meat between two white pieces of bread and is only added to the menu to please the people. However, once the flavors from a flashy burger hit your mouth, you’ll never go back to that country club style medium-well one nor should you -have some respect for yourself. Luckily, it seems that New York chefs lately have made a point to put a winning beef sandwich on their menu just to gain awareness, and you know what, it works and drives people there. Allswell happens to be one of those restaurants with a stellar burger, and the rest of their food is equally amazing. You might not even notice this Williamsburg corner spot that looks basically like an Irish bar.

This is one of these burgers that doesn’t look like a beautiful package all wrapped up. Its on a sesame seed bun and reminds me of backyard grilling in the summertime which is totally ok. Order this medium rare and you can see the juices oozing into a thick layer of the bun making it complete. This might be a basic burger compared to most out there these days, but it’s the kind you crave and salivate over even after you are finished. To top it off, these fries are perfectly salted that it’s as if the chef went through each stick to put just the right amount on each individually. Too kind.

IMG_0301Grilled Shrimp
Lets back up though. For starters, order the Grilled Shrimp. It feels Italian but it tastes lighter and as if these babies just hopped off the boat. I remember thinking I just wish I could have a few more on my plate. It’s nice to start off with something light and crisp like this before the burger and fries. The restaurant is for locals and those who want a solid meal without having to plan so far in advance or get all dolled up. Stroll in before 7 p.m. and score a table or sit at the bar. You know those times when you are staring at your list of over 50 restaurants to try and you don’t want to go anywhere and start pouting a little (that could easily just be me), but if so, Allswell should be your go-to during that time because they will serve your taste buds right and make you say mmmm.