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🎂WOAH!!!🎂 I just had a surprise date with this new Chocolate Cake that made me forget to come up for air! It’s moist, just sweet enough for ME — not TOO sweet for normal people, icing is coldish which I ❤️with a lil caramel sweep, and the cake room temp, so it slides right on your fork. It’s the whole package + this Chophouse on South Congress @maiedayaustin JUST opened. 🎉🎉

While most will come here for steak, my wish came true thanks to the chance of running into @meredithahubley + @hardwarepastries + they happily shared a slice when I asked if it was possible to try before my flight— haha timing! I’m headed to NYC tomorrow for 3 weeks where I sharpened my sweet tooth and learned what it really means to support and work with restaurants. I have no idea what’s to come, but I def need to rest after the last few months of nonstop work and reconnect with myself to feed what makes me happiest and on which is —exploring, adventure, meeting fun people, seeing best friends, trying new food, and walking miles and miles a day discovering what this world is about and what makes others smile. See you on the other side!

Oh, and I’ll be back to try @maiedayaustin as soon as I return so let me know what to order. Congrats!

🍪31 BEST SWEETS IN AUSTIN🍪~ It’s not a secret that the word Cookie or Desserts has become synonymous with my name. It makes me blush + chuckle how many friends text me each DAY of a photo of a cookie I must try or one that they are eating bc I posted it— ALL over the world. I mean I’m lucky I found my purpose right 🤣? I love finding a new treat, and most of all I love sharing with loved ones and having serious chats about them. Don’t stop the texts!

Anywho, I’ve written an article (in bio 🔗) about my favorite desserts in Austin by category. You’ll find a few below. Love that sugar life!

🎂 @thoroughbreadatx - Overall Bakery
🎂 @epicerie_austin - Sprinkle Cookie
🎂 @kelliesbakingco - Most Nostalgic
🎂 @ogi_the_yogi - Cheesecake
🎂 @tinyboxwoodsaustin - Everyday Cookie
🎂 @viviansatx - Best Pop-up
🎂 @russellsbakery - Best Cake
🎂 @chez_zee_austin - Underrated
🎂 @capcitybakery - Vegan Cupcake
🎂 @babkaatx - Babka
🎂 @mananaatx - Cinnamon Roll + Ice Cream
🎂 @scull_house_sweets - Delivery

It might sound weird but Barton Springs has taught me so much about love and self-worth. I started swimming 1 mile here 2 x a week after a back injury, and I couldn’t do my regular weight training. I’m not “a swimmer” but according to everyone else, I am now! It’s hard when you have to give up a daily routine you love + or even a job you identify with, but I’ve seen every time on the other side, I find something better that adds to the new me. If it weren’t for this place I wouldn’t have met all the kind artists, hippies, old Austin folk, Olympians, a woo woo hip doctor that tried something funky on me, guys who live in vans, new Instagram friends, etc. Everyone here is chasing a good conversation, and when you start swimming in these frigid waters in silence, the high when you step out is real once you catch your breath. Get those laps in! Also, I sell cheap prints on my site if you need some home decor— part goes to @saveoursprings 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️ ...

My favorite two weeks of the year are SXSW where the energy flies, the beats drop, and somehow I am able to go out 11 nights in a row without question. I ❤️seeing the streets crowded, high-fiving friends at random events, discovering bands, seeing national brands pop-up, and not knowing what the evening holds for last minute invites. Austin is alive more than ever, and I’m all for celebrating and hyping up the locals that make this city so special. I wrote about how to Win SXSW withOUT a badge(click bio link), so you can enjoy everything in town that’s available!

Thanks for the 📸@chadwadsworth_atx at my favorite party @arlynstudios Some highlights:

🎺 @hotelsanjose sxsj
🎺 @kygomusic @waterloogreenway
🎺 @luckreunion @willienelsonofficial
🎺 @arlynstudios @sirwomanmusic
🎺 @stillatx @austin_monthly bands to watch
🎺 @spurs x party
🎺 @museumoficecream Night at the Museum
🎺 @krewe Austin Collection preview
🎺 @atasteofkoko The Wellness House panel

I dont know about y’all, but I’m stoked for the next 6 months of this sunny bliss, paddle boarding, river dipping, Barton Springs, swimming, frozen margs, ice cream, BOAT SEASON, chilled rosé, Hill Country getaways, new adventures (maybe someone will finally show me how to camp), and sweating out what’s behind us.
A new lyric I’m bringing with me into this spring season is “Stay Close to the People That Feel Like Sunshine.” ~ @lilymeola

🍔BEST 9 AUSTIN BURGERS🍔 —There are a LOT of burgs in this town, and I’m the one that wants them on the rarer side with a squishy brioche bun, Heinz ketchup, and if there are caramelized onions, then it’s game time! Here are a few of my favorites:

🍔 @junesallday -Best to down with their natural wine
🍔 @carpentershallatx - DOUBLE patty and that brioche bun!
🍔 @justinesbrasserie - Def the heaviest of them all but so juicy. For the real meat lover
🍔 @whollycowatx - For a healthier, grab-and-go fella + very simple
🍔 @clarksaustin — my golden child that melts in your mouth + it’s 1/2 off M-F 3-6 p.m.
🍔 @badlarryburgerclub - down and dirty smash burger, fits in your hand, a little gooey and a lot of attitude
🍔 @loroeats - they have brisket jam on this baby + get a mango sake slushee
🍔 - Sliders @nickelcityatx + don’t miss the tator tots!!
🍔 @the_little_darlin - More of a backyard style burger and a bit charred for those who aren’t as rare as me

***I know I know these are all pretty fancy burgs, but I’m more of a restaurant burger gal than a well done on the fly drive through. Places I must still try: @saltandtime , @crownandanchoratx , @casinoelcaminodowntown , @goldentigeratx , @nightcapaustin , @lebeef.burger

SXSW IS actually happening + I can feel the energy steaming up + ready to jump out into the streets!!! Here is my list of fun FREE LOCAL ideas (bc I’ve never had a badge) to indulge in + keep you party hoppin’ that encompass: music/shows from best Austin bands, food, pop-up shops, yoga, & all around free smiles :) p.s. my fave off the radar dish @elizabethstreetcafe = Steamed Rice Rolls + Chicken n Rice Soup (kids menu)

✨Boozy Night @museumoficecream w Chef Jam Sanitchat of @gati.icecream March 11 + 12 (tickets for$$$)

✨ @loxclub dating launch party @bangersaustin March 11 (rsvp through their app!)

✨ @badlarryburgerclub @henbitaustin Saturday, March 12 at 12 p.m.

✨Free @sxsw Wellness Expo March 12-13 + yoga w @adrienelouise

✨ @tankproof x @kineuphorics Happy Hour @kittycohens March 13 4-6 p.m.

✨ @krewe one time only sample sale March 17-19 at 1604 S. Congress

✨ @sirwomanmusic Sir @continentalclubatx March 16 11 p.m.

✨ @trovadorcustoms Store Launch Party March 18 1704 S. Congress

✨SXSJ March 16-20 quite a line-up @hotelsanjose

✨ @lucysfriedchick Revival with local bands March 16-20 starting at 12 p.m.

✨ @arlynstudios Music March 18 & 19 (only one that’s invite only)